about us

Braun Builders are Southwest Florida’s custom home artisans with Midwest values, building and renovating fine homes and condominiums that match our customers’ lifestyles and help them bring their dreams to life. 

Our Promise

As a Braun Builders client, we welcome you into our family by listening to your highest hopes, matching your vision with our knowledge, creativity, and capabilities, and ensuring a seamless, step-wise process that meets you where you are and puts you and your family in the home you’ve always hoped for.

Our Team

Keith A. Braun

Building homes is in Keith’s blood. Since starting his company more than 20 years ago on Marco Island, Keith has been transforming the Florida homebuilding industry family by family. He starts simple—get to know the client, understand their vision, hopes, and dreams. Then he translates that vision into a functional reality, knowing how to make current trends into lasting works of art and reinventing existing floor plans as brand new living spaces. Keith is a hands-on guy, so one minute he’s consulting on design, later he’s personally installing cabinets and trim. Every home is a Keith home, which ensures quality, craftmanship, and passion.

A graduate of Michigan State University and a Florida-licensed general contractor, Keith built his business from the ground up as a family-centered and client-centric operation. As a client, you will have his email address and phone number. As a client, you’re part of Keith’s family. And as a client, your home will be unlike any other.

Sheryl Braun

Interior Designer
Shery works alongside you and Keith to create unique homes and custom environments. She begins at the beginning, from selecting paint colors and finishes to choosing tiles, furniture, and layouts. Sheryl’s skills are many: creating beautiful designs no matter the budget; balancing light, textures, and tones to augment our Florida landscape; and translating every client’s needs into superior style.

Sheryl previously worked as a graphic designer for the Libbey-Owens-Ford Company and graduated with a fine arts degree from Michigan State University. She takes your hand and guides you through the design process, ensuring every decision is well-considered and every task is perfectly done.

Kip Braun

Field Superintendent
Kip is your man in the field, focusing on day-to-day operations and meeting deadlines. He spends most of his time onsite, working with subcontractors and ensuring the work meets our high standards. An on-time guy, Kip manages all city permits and inspections, puts together estimates and bids, and is your resource for timetables and progress updates. He’s a Florida-licensed general contractor, and much like Keith, his typical day includes meeting contractors in the morning and then installing projects in the afternoon.

A Florida State graduate, Kip loves putting Florida families into their best Florida homes, and works closely with Keith to make each home unique, well-crafted, and beyond expectations.

Cari Braun

Marketing Director
Cari expertly communicates our promise to Florida families. A Florida State grad, she manages the Braun Builder’s brand and creates matches with families looking to build and renovate homes. In addition to working with the family, Cari has also served for more than 10 years at Greystar, the largest company management property in the world, where she runs marketing projects nationwide.

Darla Braun

Real Estate and Sales Marketing
If you call us, you’re talking to Darla. She manages all of our insurance policies, invoices, and payments. As the head of our real estate sales, she hosts our model home and open houses. and with a quick conversation can help you find the best new home or lot for you and your family. Darla also coordinates the estate management side of the business.

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